Weight Loss

Weight Loss and Body Shape

Each of us have our individual characteristic shapes and when we add weight we either add it to some specific places of our bodies or such weight will be equally shared among every parts. This is the reason why we need to engage in physical activities, work outs and body shaping exercises that will make our body become proportionately arranged. For those who are heavy on the bottom half, such have the tendencies to develop saddle bags while some may develop a heavier top and slimmer downward body region, none of these is actually healthy, it will be ideal to follow a normal weight loss and exercise routine that will help prevent unevenly distribution of muscles and flesh in the body.

Fat retention problems remain the hardest part of getting into shape. It is believed that water retention should be worked on while losing your weight and shaping up your body, this is why it is important to cut back on salt intake during and after slimming down. Ready meals such as cheese, dry meat and processed food consumption must be cut down drastically while losing your weight. A good diet and weight loss program will encourage you to consume more of protein which helps replace body fat with muscles. Aside this, proteins (especially those found in poultry eggs, low fat yoghurt and cheese, lean meat, and fish) contains the essential protein nutrients you need for muscle building during a weight loss and body shaping session.

Hydrating yourself is very important. It help you lose weight as well as body toxin removal is very essential to give you a complete weight loss package. It is recommended that an individual will require around 8 glasses of water a day to remain hydrated, you may need more than these if you are undergoing a rigorous weight loss program. It is also essential to keep feeding on fruits. Fruits contain mineral nutrients which are not found in most other foods, Fruits also contain Vitamins, water, and natural sugar and fiber which can aid digestion and help achieve slimming result.

Weight loss and body shape go hand-in-hand. The ideal weight loss program for you will help the ideal shape of your body. For instance, an apple shape individual will require weight loss and body shape program targeted at the upper fatty region which will increase the replacement of body fat with muscles and help create a proportionate balance in the body structure. You need to understand the ideal body shape and weight loss program that clearly fits your body shape before engaging in such a program.

Body Shapes

Body Shapes – How to Dress For Your Unique Body

Our body shapes are all unique. Fortunately, there are simple ways to determine what ensembles of wardrobe that is the most flattering to women’s body shapes. The bottom line is to first determine your proportions, and then utilize our wardrobe ensembles to accentuate the best features–and hide everything else! It’s what I’d refer to as “Enhance & Minimize”.

Women body shapes are defined by how the curves connect the bust, waist, and hips.

With that in mind, the four basic body types are as follows:

Apple body type are evident by a heavy top part of the body – 14% of women have this body shape. Generally the bust is three or more inches larger than hips. My advice is to emphasize the thighs, legs and butt in order to divert attention away from the waist and shoulders/arms. I recommend wearing long sleeves, and try to draw focus to the bust and neck by wearing, for example v-neck lines. Go with tops that “drape” over any love handles, like tunics and flowing tops with an empire waist (the waist begins just below the bust and flows outward). In the case of an endowed top (big breasts), go with dresses or tops that wrap around the waist and cross over the chest.
Rectangular body type can be identified by a fall from the waist to the hips in a straight line that resembles more like a cylinder. About 46% of women have this shape. Tips: “pinch” the waist by wearing a belt to offer an illusion of a waistline existence or try to stick with ensembles that offer some kind of waistline feature that gives an illusion of curves to avoid looking lanky or boyish. Choose ruffles and frills to add silhouette or volume to give an impression of femininity to the figure. Avoid baggy jeans and track clothes that look boyish.
Pear body type are determined by a heavy bottom with 20% of women having this shape. It is obvious that the hips are significantly larger than the bust for this body shape. The good news is there are ways to dress to create an illusion of a smaller hip and butt by drawing attention to the top part of the body such as a fuller blouse/top complimented by a properly fitted push-up bra.
Hourglass body type considered the ideal shape and there are about 8% of women with this body shape. This body shape has a balanced size of hips and bust with a narrow waist. Since it’s an ideal women’s body shape, the options are more forgiving and should focus on flattering instead of flattening the beautiful curves.

According to Body Shape

Accessorizing According to Body Shape

First impression is the last impression, often heard about this proverb and of course this goes very true as your personality is judged by your physical appearance. Your looks are decided by the way of your accessorizing. The first thing which allures anyone is your dressing style, the way you present your self.

The perfect dressing style includes flattering clothes which suit your body shape, make you feel comfortable as well further beautify your looks. To get that eye captivating perfect look one should know his/her body shape and get dressed accordingly. The ideal female body is moderately tall with a body balanced vertically, an hourglass figure and an oval shaped face.

Unfortunately all ladies are not blessed with the idyllic body style but one can smartly create illusion of a perfect body by selecting dresses which create the appearance of perfect proportions. It’s all about balancing your perceived shape to the “perfect” shape. Explore few of the basic body shapes and clothes flattering the same.

There are mainly five types of body shapes:


Pear Shape

This body type is with wider hips than the chest and shoulders. Lower part of body is heavier than the upper part and is one of the commonly found body structure. Choose tops with broad neck lines and big buttons, semi fitted clothes, wide-legged pants and deep dark colors. Flowing fabric straight or A-line skirts are best suited. Avoid tight or very loose fitted clothes, jackets or blazers with slits at back, Avoid high-waist, shapeless jeans and skirts

Rectangle Shape

This is the straight body same from top to bottom with very little feminine curves. The rectangle body looks straight up and down. Weight gain would deposit evenly throughout the body. Try falling necklines, blousy shirts, ruffles, lace, or neck tie, Shirts with pockets on the bust line, A line skirts, boot cut pants and avoid skinny jeans, belts and pleats.

Hourglass Shape

This is most desired body figure, with all curves in good proportion. Hourglass bodies have well defined waists with hips and shoulders that are well balanced.

Choose semi-fitted clothes with too many accessories or soft, delicately patterned fabrics. All type of lower outfits suits this body shape. Avoid tight or oversized styles, bold stripes and plaids

Lollipop Shape

This is again the perfectly maintained body almost all models and glamorous stars are lucky to have such well maintained body shape. Lollipop bodies are made for long and delicate evening gowns. Even the bell bottom trousers also suit the best to this kind of body shape.

Apple Shape

This body type is with heavier upper part as compared to lower part with broad shoulders. In general, the upper body is noticeably larger compared to the lower body. Go for long tops covering hips, tunic style tops skimming around waist, Boat necklines, turtlenecks and collared shirts, flare pants and wide-legged capris but avoid tops with puffy sleeves and short length, skimmed trousers, short and tight fit skirts.

Body Shape

Dressing For Your Body Shape With Different Styles

Women are always faced with a dilemma of dressing according to their body shape and figure. Body types are typically described with reference to different fruits and we will first take a look at the most common known body types.

First, we have the Apple shape which is referred to people who have round and large tummies. Next up, we have the pear shape bodies where the person would have a larger bottom. Hour glass is another category, where the body is shaped like an hourglass where the chest and the waist area are proportionally shaped. This category is considered to be the most attractive and desired body type among women. Other types are the inverted pear and the column shape body shapes.

Each of the above defined body shapes require different type of dressing and clothing which would not only make your body look good but also hide any negative aspects related to your body type.

Starting off with the Apple shape body type where the person can easily develop a tummy, finding suitable clothing can be difficult. You need to avoid tight fitted clothes as this would reveal any fat around the waist line. Also, never wear baggy clothing as this would make you look even bigger. Choose clothing that would make your body look slimmer such as wearing black colors and certain patters that would take the attention away from your waistline. You can also try to wear custom made tailored clothing that is made according to your waistline.

Pear shaped people have a different problem as they are slightly bigger below the waistline and have heavy thighs which can create serious problems in buying clothing. People with pear shaped bodies can opt for flowing clothing which has lines and layers from the waist down as that can draw the eyes away from the negative areas.

Hour glass shaped body is perhaps the most desired shape among women and this shape can carry a lot of clothing. Care must be taken to not take things for granted. You must flaunt your smaller stomach and stay away from full tops and jackets as that would make you much bigger that what you actually are. Wear an attractive belt around the waist line, as that can help you flaunt your stomach and make a fashion statement at the same time. You can wear fitted tops and jackets, as that would go best with your figure.

Inverted pear shaped women, face a small problem of having more weight around the chest area. You do need to experiment and keep it simple here with some plain tops that would not exaggerate your upper body weight. With the plain top, you can wear jeans that would go well with the overall look.

Finally, women with column type figures are taller and leaner than others. You can wear straight clothing that can go with your height. But, if you are column shaped but have a little bit fat around your waist, then you should choose clothing that could avoid any boxed styles.

Dressing For Your Body Shape

Dressing For Your Body Shape

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and cringed at the small breasts, narrow hips or large belly? Please remember no woman, including that fabulous lingerie model, has a faultless body. However, some women through clever clothing choices,manage to downplay their flaws and accentuate their strengths better than others. These women are able to pull it off mainly because they understand their body shapes.

The female body can be broadly categorized into five different shapes based on bust, waist and hip proportions. Body shape is independent of overall size. For example, though Debra Messing and Keira Knightley may look very different in size, they essentially have the same rectangle body shape.


If your bust and hips are almost the same size and your waist is undefined, you have a banana or rectangle body shape. Your waist measurement is less than nine inches smaller than your hips or bust measurement. Though there may be fuller versions of this body shape, you are more than likely to have a small or medium bust with proportionally slim legs and arms. While dressing, your main aim should be to add curves to your body by defining your shoulders and waist.

Feminine dresses and girly skirts will add the necessary curves to your body. Look for semi-fitted clothes that skim your body but do not cling to it. Anything too clingy will only accentuate the straightness of your frame. Wrap and draped dresses will give the illusion of a well defined waist. Invest in cute waist defining belts to wear over shirts, cardigans and coats. Pinched or pleated waists too can help in creating the right curves at your waist. Fashion details like halters, ruffles, laces and beads will give you that ultra feminine look.

Stay away from baggy tops and pants as they will only accentuate your absence of curves. Chose slightly flared flat fronted pants over narrow ones to soften your shape. Please never go bra less under a flimsy top even if you have small breasts as it looks extremely tacky. Unless you are uncharacteristically well endowed, stick to high and medium necklines.

Celebrities sharing your body shape include Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith, Hilary Duff, Keira Knightley.


If your hip measurement is at least two inches more than your bust measurement and your waist is well defined, you have a pear or triangle body shape. You are likely to have proportionally narrow shoulders and a medium bust. You should try to balance your bottom half by adding volume to your upper body.

Use accessories and details to draw attention to your upper body. For example a wrap dress will emphasize your bust, accentuate your well defined waist yet hide your large hips and thighs. Big lapels, neck embellishment, small shoulder pads help broaden your upper body. Short-sleeved tops will keep the attention on your upper body. To avoid adding bulk to your hips, stick to straight and slightly flared skirts.

Wear low rise pants to prevent unsightly muffin tops. Coats with buttons on the top half and belted waists work great for the bottom heavy woman. Avoid clingy skirts and tapered pants as they highlight the hip. Wear vertical patterns and dark colors on the bottom to give the illusion of slender hips and thighs. Contrasting it with light colored top will further enhance the slimming effect. You may also wear prints on dark backgrounds to deviate attention from broad hips.

Stay away from any fashion detail that adds volume to your lower body like side pockets, front pleats and embroidery or seam details on back pockets. Empire waist dresses will hide your defined waist and accentuate your broad hips. On the other hand, a fitted top paired with a full, pleated knee-length skirt will not only highlight your waist but also conceal your wide hip. Avoid tapered pants that emphasize a wide middle area, try boot-cut pants and jeans to create a straight, lean line.

You may follow celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Shakira, and Rihanna for style tips for the pear shaped woman.


If your bust is three or more inches larger than the hips and your waist is well defined, you have a heart or inverted triangle body shape. It is often considered the second best female body shape. You probably have broad shoulders and proportionately slim legs. Your main goal should be to create the illusion of the perfect hourglass body shape by balancing your lower body to your upper body.

Since you are top heavy, first and foremost get a well fitting bra. Low and medium-low necklines will divert attention from your upper body. A fitted, single-breasted blazer that defines the waist but is roomy enough in the bust not to pull has an over-all slimming and shape defining effect.

Three quarter sleeve will help bring the focus down to the lower half your body. Wear dresses that emphasis your waist and A-line and tulip skirts and flared pants will add volume to your narrow hips and balance out your bre